Our passion in life is to create bright, colourful and fun handmade earrings that are inspired by our North Queensland tropical lifestyle and the wonderful country we call home.



We have one of the most extensive range of acrylic and bamboo stud earrings you'll find in Australia. We've designed unique creations of all shapes and colours, including underwater, Aussie, pet, big and small animals, flowers, foods, music, plants, sports, beverages, professions, vehicles and mythical creatures.



For those who want to go big, we've got you covered!  Our range of stud top, hook and hoop dangle earrings include fashionable bling, earthy tone combinations, multi-coloured animals, tropical flowers and plants, sports supporters gear, fun foods and cheeky beverages!



We are also creating quite the renowned reputation for our special release ranges of studs and dangles for Easter, Christmas, Halloween and special events.  They are always met with gasps, laughs, oohs and ahhs!  The only problem with these, is that we've made it very challenging on ourselves to keep topping the previous year's creations!




We hope you have as much fun shopping our range of earrings here as we have had making them!