Wahboo in Action

We absolutely love creating all the products you find on our website.  In late 2021, we decided to go all in as a family and run Wahboo Designs as our full time gig.  We bought an unreal laser cutting machine, built a trendy studio and workshop in our shed (that's air conditioned to get us through the North Queensland Summers!), stocked up on lots of beautiful acrylic, bamboo and timber materials and got stuck in.  Here's some pics of our whole team (aka family) in action!


Test painting the new studio wall
Painting skirting boards for the new studio
Opening the crate with the new laser cutting machine
There's never a dull moment when Luke and his big bro attempt to build something, though in fairness, our studio ceiling hasn't fallen in...yet
Our Wellbeing Director is hard at work...
These girls are always so helpful
We love our new studio/workshop

At the Renegade Handmade Markets in Townsville

At the Makin' Whoopee Handmade Markets in Cairns
Granny and the boys getting in on the market action
We love it when BFF Trace helps out
It can get pretty warm leading up to Christmas at the Cotters Markets in Townsville
It's a buzz having a popup stall in the fashion alley of Stockland Shopping Centre
We've got packing our 'Wahboo Mobile' trolley down to a fine art